Affiliates T&C

So many things can happen, situations can arise and circumstances can change without notice and we need to stay fair to everyone. We’re sure you can appreciate that as great care as we take of you, we need to extend that courtesy to ourselves too! It’s just fair play really, so in addition to JustPrettyChic Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy, in the event of any kind of dispute, JUSTPRETTYCHIC has final decision with rights reserved to make changes without limitations and stop any and all ongoing of this referral scheme at any time without any liability or responsibility on JUSTPRETTYCHIC for any reasons whatsoever or for any account or person or user participating in this scheme or amounts accumulated whether disbursed or not. It is worth mentioning is that earnings will be disbursed only following credit of purchases to JUSTPRETTYCHIC account and the processing can take 2 weeks or more through banking channels. Discounts and commissions cannot be combined and must be used separately. Please allow some time for crediting commission to you. You’ll be notified by email whenever a purchase is made using your unique referral code. The commission given will be the percentage assigned to your unique referral code against the total purchase amount of the sale. Returned purchases do not invalidate commissions insofar as refunds are not issued and you will be notified accordingly. Account validation at sign up or otherwise can take up to 72 hours for unique referral code activation. Should you become eligible for higher commission categories, personal vouchers or extra commission, we will notify you. We trust you to promote our brand in a positive nature. In return we ask that you always remain respectful with our image. Should our products be used to promote acts of obscenities, violence, racism, hate, abuse, blasphemy, or any such disorderly acts that JUSTPRETTYCHIC or its affiliates consider detrimental to its brand or image or content, or any act whether intentional or not that affects the brand or image or content directly or indirectly, we may report such incidents on whichever applicable social media platform, and in the event that such incident is found to be applicable, you will likely be disqualified from any accrued earnings remaining to be paid, revoked of all benefits and rewards, and entirely delisted from our brand. In no way do we tolerate such behavior and JUSTPRETTYCHIC may take suitable action accordingly. You can unsubscribe from the scheme at any time.